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Forex Trade Copier MT4/MT5 Download

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Forex Trading Duplicator MT4/MT5 earns 100 times more on the same trade by trading multiple accounts simultaneously.

Do you need to trade Forex on one MT4 or MT5 account and immediately and automatically clone everything to many other accounts? Then trade multiple Forex accounts using my Forex Trader Copier MT4/MT5 software.

How Forex copier works on MT4 mt5

The first step is to set up multiple MetaTrader 4 platforms on your computer. You can do this on any Windows-based desktop computer, laptop or VPS server. for MAC users click here.

Start, configure and login to each MT4 account on a separate Metatrader platform.

If you want to replicate trades from two MT4 accounts to five other accounts, this means you must run seven Metatrader platforms.

In order for the copied trades to work, all MT4 platforms involved must be running at all times.
All MT4 platforms must be running on the same computer.

Forex Trade copier MT4/MT5. It copies forex trades, positions, orders from any accounts to any other account, Be it MT4 or MT5 even multiple accounts. The unique copying algorithm exactly copies all trades from the master account to your client account.

It is also noted for its high operation speed and Tough error handling. It also can copy from demo account to live account too.

It is one of the best free trade copiers that can do ,

  • MT4 to another MT4 or MT5 or to multiple accounts (МТ4 => МТ4 or МТ5).
  • MT5 to another MT4 or MT5 or to multiple accounts (МТ5 => МТ5 or МТ4).


Features of Trade Copier

  •  You can organize several pairs for copying: from multiple master accounts to 1 client account.
  •  You can organize several pairs for copying: from one master account to multiple client accounts.
  •  You can organize several pairs for copying: from multiple master accounts to multiple client accounts.
  • Copy from DEMO account to real account
  •  Selection of trades based on the magic number, symbol, type of trades.
  •  Selection of only profitable trades, or only losing trades.
  •  Inverted (Reverse) copying of trades.
  •  You can copy trades with a custom lot, lot coefficient or in accordance with the risk of the master account.
  •  You can work without stop levels, with the closing of trades in the master account (virtual stops).
  •  You can connect multiple master/client terminals for organizing the copying system.
  •  Can work with the symbols that have suffixes.


Simple Installation Guide

You can find more in depth installation guides, input parameters and lot more in the manual. So, please refer to that too.

  • Install the Trade copier Master in the terminal where you want to copy the positions and orders from.
  • Then install the Trade copier Client in the terminal where you want to copy the positions and orders.
  • Make sure Trade copier Master “pathWrite” input parameter and Trade copier Client “pathRead” input parameter are the same. For example default value of both is “Copy“.

As mentioned this is a simple installation guide. So, This is only to copy between two accounts. If you want to copy from one account to multiple accounts or multiple accounts to single account please read the manual.

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Forex Trade Copier MT4/MT5 Download
Forex Trade Copier MT4/MT5 Download


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